Day of prayer for Kenya

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

Charismatic churches of South Africa have joined hands in declaring tomorrow a day of prayer for the end of the post-election indiscriminate violence in Kenya.

The move is led by the eThekwini Community Church (ECC) in Durban which has close links with Kenya through Bishop Arthur Kitonga of Redeemed Gospel Churches, which has its roots in Nairobi.

Pastor Vusi Dube of ECC said Wednesday has been declared a special day of prayer and fasting for all people of the south whose hearts are in Africa.

He said people in Africa need to pray together to stop the blood-letting of innocent people in Kenya.

"It was a shock to the church fraternity to learn that a church was burnt with worshippers inside and this shows a lack of respect for God," he said.

"The media has predicted the possibility of more killings if there is no solution soon.

"We strongly trust in God's intervention. And we highly appreciate the efforts of Archbishop Desmond Tutu who is presently in Nairobi.

"We still believe in the power of prayer as a solution to any differences in Kenya," said Dube.

He urged religious communities to hold hands with them if they have an interest in the wellbeing of Africa.

"We call on all Christians to pray for the end of violence in Kenya and the restoration of democracy and justice," he said.

"It's not the politicians and their parties that are dying, but ordinary God-loving human beings."

Dube said if Christians did not stop what is happening in Kenya, there is a possibility that the next stop might be South Africa.

"If we don't pray for Kenya today, nobody will be interested in praying for South Africa should there be a crisis in the future," he said.

"We call all Africa-loving people to come and pray for Africa at large, and specifically Kenya."

Dube said they also want to thank God that the same predicament did not happen in South Africa after the ANC conference in Limpopo.

The mass prayer will take place at the ECC premises, from 6pm.