Catering to needs of the rich

FAMILY AFFAIR: Brothers Ken and Rich Nta of Kenrich Promotions with controversial US talk show host Jerry Springer. © Unknown
FAMILY AFFAIR: Brothers Ken and Rich Nta of Kenrich Promotions with controversial US talk show host Jerry Springer. © Unknown

Maryanne Maina

Maryanne Maina

Theirs is a business that caters to upmarket clients who do not want to go to clubs to party.

Brothers Ken and Rich Nta own Kenrich Promotions, an events and entertainment company that caters to the needs of Johannesburg's well-heeled.

Kenrich Promotions organises networking and other social events for their upmarket clients.

Ken said: "We started this business because we felt there was a loophole in the market, and these people did not have many places to hang out.

"We started a club for them, the Millionaires Club, where they could network with people they wouldn't meet in offices."

He added: "We now have a strong network base which is essential for our business."

The brothers said they started their business with just a R32000 loan from a friend. They both have been musicians, models, actors, businessmen, and they have also worked in casinos doing promotions.

Ken said: "The transition from being employed to self-employed is tough. Start your business while you are still employed. With self-employment, nothing is guaranteed.

"One good night we made R60000 and another time we lost more than R300000."

Ken added. "One challenge is getting sponsorships for our functions. This has proven to be hard for us sometimes. You must be prepared to hear a million no's and one yes"

Like all other businesses, there are certain requirements, he said. The entertainment industry needs a passionate person who is thick-skinned, enjoys networking, has good planning skills and is creative.

An educational background is also important. Ken has a degree in medical physiology and Rich has a degree in banking and finance.

The brothers, who are in their thirties, have combined their skills to form a successful partnership. Ken does the creative work, while Rich acquires the necessary sponsorships.

Organising a party for one night costs about R30000, including hiring the venue and DJs, Ken said.

This kind of business does not require an office setting during the start-up phase. The important tools required are a telephone, networks and a car.

Ken advised: "Sometimes, you may not have capital, but if you have a good concept, you can get sponsorships which will cover the costs."

The brothers plan to start jazz events on Sundays and concerts which will be held countrywide.

"This business operates 24 hours a day and is demanding. You must be prepared to take risks," Ken said.

"We are from the school of hard knocks and that is how we have made it. You have to always be reachable.

"It's satisfying to hear a client say, 'wow, I enjoyed myself', then I know my work was worth my time."