Crazy TV show dishes up more games

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

Followers of the SABC2 comedy show Crazy Games should brace themselves for another exciting season.

This fast-paced, family show features teams of contestants from various municipalities engaged in a friendly but competitive showdown for the Crazy Games championship title.

The format of the award-winning show is similar to that of Gladiators but in Crazy Games it is ordinary contestants in oversized costumes who take each other on.

Contestants are dressed up as hamsters, chickens, pigs, mice and an assortment of other characters.

Producer Duncan Irvine said: "The show has a comedy slant and ... has managed to provide the adrenalin necessary to keep contestants on their toes. The games are designed to test contestants' quick thinking, teamwork and mental alertness."

The hilarious presenters include showbiz personalities Kurt Schoonraad, Rob van Vuuren, Salaminah Mphelo and former Safa referee Sylvester Ndaba.

What makes the show interesting is that each town or city's mayor accompanies its team of contestants and their supporters in contesting the other teams.

Mathe Mosito, SABC2 marketing manager says: "The cities participating in each episode are showcased through inserts.

"The fast-paced show, carried by fiery contestants in hilarious costumes, taking on difficult obstacles, ... allows viewers to assume a participatory role, an interesting shift from Saturday viewing dominated by movies."

Last year's series won a South African Film and Television Award for producing exciting television.

Catch Crazy Games on SABC2 on Saturdays at 6.30pm.