Residents complain cops have failed to collect all defective rubbers dumped on Christmas day

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

Thousands of defective condoms dumped near Durban on Christmas day had not been removed yesterday, infuriated residents said.

And residents have urged police to remove the condoms before children pick them up.

Residents of Ngonweni in Ndwedwe, north of Durban, woke up on Christmas morning to find 10000 packets dumped near a primary school in the area.

In October 100000 defective condoms were dumped in Inanda, also in Durban.

In August millions of condoms were recalled after it was found that they were defective. This followed an expose by Sowetan which reported that condom company Zalatex had bribed an official at the South African Bureau of Standards to pass defective condoms.

Residents of Ngonweni yesterday accused police of doing nothing about removing the condoms.

"We are concerned because children can pick up the condoms," said Themba Dlamini, a resident.

"Other mischievous people are also likely to pick them up and sell or give them away. Mind you, these things are defective."

He said they had been told that police would collect the condoms but they had not gone to the scene.

However, police spokesman Superintendent Vincent Mdunge said police were picking up the condoms. He said they had not collected them all, but were doing their best to remove them.

Sandile Buthelezi of the provincial Health Department said the dumping of condoms in residential areas was worrying. "We are doing all in our power to establish where these came from."