Tenacity pays off for Sasha

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

Sasha Dube is reaping the rewards of perseverance.

Dube, the Northern Cape winner of the 2006 Old Mutual, SABC and Sowetan Community Builder of the Year Award, previously worked for a pittance as a community worker and is now drawing a regular salary as a local economic development officer for the Siyanda Municipality in Upington.

Dube is still sentimentally-attached to the Siyanda Theatre Laboratory, which nurtured her talents as an arts and culture practitioner, and which she represented as a nominee in the Community Builder of the Year eliminations.

She went on to become a national finalist.

"I am proud to have represented Northern Cape so well in the Community Builder of the Year Award," Dube said in Upington recently.