Bling gifts for Beyonce fans

Beyonce has reportedly been paid up to R14million for one day's work, so her fans won't be impressed with anything cheap and cheerful.

Think big, think bling.

With that in mind there is only one cellphone her fans will be interested in this year - that's right, the star's very own gold-and-burgundy B'Phone.

The Samsung handset was created by Beyonce and features a special startup screen and the ability to download exclusive Beyonce photos, videos and a song she recorded as a child. Perfect to make those booty calls from.

In other areas, you'll be pleased to learn, the singer-turned-fashion diva is less demanding. She apparently makes do with a selection of exotic teas and two bars of soap as her backstage riders.

So visit a tea shop for some special yummy herbal infusions, or perhaps a beauty store for scented soap or Beyonce's own perfume, True Star - for those who really want to emulate her.

But if you are set on splashing out on your Beyonce-obsessed loved one, her one real extravagance is Bigatti night cream at a diva-ish R1700 a jar. - Wenn