Open get-well card to Kalamazoo Mokone

Hi Bra Kala,

Believe it or not, your country, our South Africa, has not changed much - contrary to some views.

It has not changed much because I know for a fact that many of its citizens are still full of ubuntu.

It can't therefore be true that some don't wish to be reminded about your contribution to football, both as a player and respected expert in the game.

Yes, not so long ago there were some who were angry with whatever you might have said about their ineptness as soccer admini- strators, particularly in the mid 1990s.

They hoped to succeed in discrediting you, as some tried by saying the assault proceedings against you in America were actually for murder.

Never for a moment bother about the negativity you pick up because at your age, 75, you have to reflect more on the positive side of things.

And with your rich history of being a one-time special footballer, you have everything to smile about.

You have a movie and a street named after you in Holland.

The world today refers to you as Dr Steve Kalamazoo Mokone, not for mahala.

Shall I confess that I've never seen you in action. But I read volumes about you from newspaper clips, magazines and from your book.

I can nevertheless boast about the fact that one of the players who was equally lionised like you, Bra Kala, used to mesmerise me with his football prowess.

I am talking about Albert Johanneson, from our old Dukathole Location in Germiston.

Some of my uncles would also extol one Steve Mokone, whom they would argue was more poli- shed than our own "Hurry Hurry". Wow!

In a few days' time surgeons will be doing their best to restore you to your good health.

You constantly tell me about the severe pains you sometimes feel. Your pain remains ours.

As many of us gather with our families over the festive season, you will perhaps be alone in bed, worrying as you say about what lies ahead.

Please don't feel lonely, even if you would indeed be alone at times. I assure you Bra Kala, South Africans and the world will be keeping you in their prayers.

Chin up!


Molefi Mika