DJ duo heads for Malaysia

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Two of the country's leading dance music exponents leave for Malaysia tomorrow.

Colastraw and Njandini have been invited to perform in the Far East at aconcerts there, including two shows on Monday and on Christmas Day.

"This is definitely a big break for us and, personally, I am happy to be going there. I am looking forward to performing in Malaysia," Njandini said.

They have just collaborated on a new album called House Admin. They have been invited on the basis of this powerful album that has come to define house music sound during this festive season.

Colastraw, a resident DJ at The Palace, says this album has surprised many and catapulted the African sound to the top. "The secret is in the drum and bass," he says. "We are doing it the way the French are doing it and that is why their sound is big now. We then mixed that with a core African sound, producing electrifying music," he enthuses.

Njandini says: "We are here to rock and entertain people, nothing less." Colastraw adds: "We have been invited by the Multi-Media University of Melaka. I can't wait to perform there because those guys are seriously into house music, and this is a privilege to be performing for people who are into strict house."

Jam-packed with thumping beats that will keep you going non-stop, the 14-tracker was a result of mutual music appreciation by the two musicians, they maintain.

Colastraw first got to hear Njandini's music when he was still working for RB2 in Botswana. Njandini's manager had taken his debut album for airplay and Colastraw loved what he heard.