Zille probe extended

Waghied Misbach

Waghied Misbach

Cape Town mayor Helen Zille has given investigators an extra month to probe the spy saga involving controversial city councillor Badih Chabaan.

The investigation was expected to have been completed at the end of December, but Zille said yesterday that investigator advocate Josie Jordaan needed more time.

"He has had extensive consultations with most of the relevant persons, which has already produced a large amount of documentation," Zille said.

"After completing the factual inquiry, he has to analyse and consider all the relevant facts in-depth in the process of finalising his report.

"This is a time-consuming process and advocate Jordaan has expressed his concern that he will not be able to finish the report by December 31."

Zille said Jordaan had agreed to hand the report to her at the end of next month.

She said a number of questions still needed to be answered, including whether it was justified to use the services of George Fivaz and Associates to conduct the probe.

Fivaz is the former national police commissioner.

She also wants to know if taxpayer's money was used to allegedly spy on Chabaan; and also whether other political party leaders who are in partnership with the Democratic Alliance were also under surveillance.

If such surveillance did take place the spy investigators have to determine who approved of this and whether it was lawful.

Zille is under pressure over the spy issue after it emerged that Chabaan and other politicians were under surveillance during the controversial floor-crossing period earlier this year.