Theatre that will have you laughing

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

Award-winning actress and playwright Motshabi Tyelele will present her interesting show, Shwele Bawo, at the Theatre on the Square in Sandton in the new year.

The play will start its season on January 8 and run until February 2.

The show is hilarious and will surely keep theatre lovers in stitches.

The story is set in a dark maximum security prison cell. It is the story of a young Dikeledi Nkabinde, who was "jailed for a crime she had to commit". Nkabinde is convicted for the alleged murder of her abusive husband.

This one woman show holds a mirror to South African society. Tyelele explains: "It's an indictment of South African society. Despite Nkabinde's protestations of innocence, the media and the public ignore her. After two years in jail, Nkabinde calls the media to tell the other side of the story."

This is what the producers had to say: "The situation in this play inevitably leads to a tussle between what one was taught and what one learned and believes," say the producers.

Shwele Bawo deals with traditional values, modern attitudes, the role of the media and South Africa's justice system.

Bookings are now open for this riveting piece of theatre that will have you laughing and crying at the same time.