Slad shows pride in SA food

Book: African Salad

Book: African Salad

Authors: Stan Engelbrecht and Tamsen de Beer

Publisher: Day One

Reviewer: Doreen Zimbizi

This book is a portrait of South Africans at home, showcasing family recipes that have stood the taste of time. But what makes it stand out is that it's more than just a cook book.

It's an amazing documentation of South Africans, most of them ordinary people, and their way of life. Some of the recipes are handwritten. They stand side by side with brief descriptions of how to make the meal and on the opposite side is the photograph of a house where these recipes have been tried and enjoyed by whole families for a very long time.

The photos are an anecdote of these people's lives, complete with the old rundown cars, happy children splashing each other with water, granny watching from the stoep in satisfaction.

But more than that it's the love and pride that comes through the eye-catching photos - of families, couples, individuals and pets.

Throughout the book, happiness pops out at you from the pages. And all the people of the South are well represented in the book.