Your stars say bad publicity beats good

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

In a different world this would be totally laughable; celebrities painting themselves with a bloody brush for publicity.

Point in case is DJ Sbu's latest speeding stunt.

First there was a flat story of him having sped off in someone else's car under a lame excuse about an emergency call.

The story was so fake even he was smug about it on his radio show Ezasek'seni. There. For acting shady, even the name of your show comes into the story. Marketing doesn't get cheaper.

Are you not hot enough until you earn your bad stripes? It seems so, if international celebrities such as Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell, Snoop Doggy Dog and Kanye West are anything to go by.

It's reported Spears' record sales soared by 70percent after she shaved off her hair.

The bad girl-bad boy image doesn't work for everyone though. Symbol, formerly known as Prince before becoming the Artist, has been trying to defy the Bible ever since he squeezed into the industry.

Still nowhere does he feature on the different lists of public interest. He's not in the highest paid, the most controversial, in fact he doesn't even feature on the most painted top 100.

Not to be dissuaded by this possibility, two weeks ago, Kelly Khumalo ventured into a misdemeanour of her own when she defied a court order not to perform without consulting Bonsai.

Not that that Bible-punching Sarah Shongwe leads by any shining example in walking a step behind the headlines.

Two months ago Somizi Mhlongo said he was free from evil ways, yet he faces indecent assault charges from a bartender.

Arthur Mafokate must be on his second hand counting the number of times he's broken societal rules. He recently admitted on Chilli M's afternoon show on Yfm that he couldn't stay away from his 999 female artists.

Hot on his heels is Mandoza who has been inside the court more than he's been at his mother's house. On the left side is the fastest-growing bad boy DJ Cleo who will never take a fight or a story lying down.

And the common denominator is, they all have new albums and Christmas is upon them.