Buying a double cab not a bad idea

Dear Morgan

Dear Morgan

I read your articles always and you give a lot of good advice as far as motoring is concerned. I am so passionate about cars, I mean real cars. When I need to buy a car, I spend close to two months doing research on all the relevant aspects.

Currently, I have a Toyota RAV 4 2005 model, and it is a good family car.

I also have a Subaru Legacy, which is a sports car and a good sedan, but I'm a handyman who likes carrying this and that around. I do not have a bakkie and I have to hire and pay some other people for bakkie transport, which does not make me happy.

I'm thinking of selling the RAV for a 4x2 double cab Toyota Hilux which will serve as a family car as well as a vehicle for travelling on gravel and for carrying materials for my job.

Do you think this is a good idea? - Timothy

Dear Timothy

It's good to see that you put a lot of effort and research into finding the cars that suit your needs.

The Subaru Tribeca or Forester are exceptional, wonderful cars with surprising performance, bullet-proof reliability and while its interior creature comforts may not be on a par with German rivals, it has everything you could possibly need.

The RAV 4 is also a reasonable SUV and I would recommend you test drive a current generation model to see the steps forward Toyota has made.

But, your business is what keeps you in the money and it is this need that you must cater for first.

If your business is informal and not properly registered as a close corporation, then perhaps selling the RAV for a double cab Hilux is a good idea.

The good thing about staying in the Toyota family is that you are likely to get a better rate than if you left the brand.

If your business is registered separately or if you plan on doing so, I would suggest you keep both your cars and rather apply for finance from the bank for a used or brand new Fiat Strada which retails from around R82000.