Journey with twists in tale

Book: Forgive Me

Book: Forgive Me

Author: Amanda Eyre Ward

Publisher: Random House

Reviewer: Amanda Ngudle

No one wanted to read this book and even I reluctantly took it home because of the cheesiness of the title and cover design. I was even edgy to read it in public, fearing that onlookers would mistake it for a Mills and Boon read.

It starts with a punchy pace, but soon loses momentum when Nadine Morgan, an ambitious investigative journalist meets her fate in the form of fists from drug-dealing Mexicans.

This assault leads to her being bedridden at her father's house in Cape Cod, the US, and depending on the hospitality of her father's second wife (her own mother died when she was nine). But nothing that Gwen (her step- mother) does, strikes the right chord with Nadine.

So hard-boiled is Nadine that there isn't one moment when she succumbs to the generosity of the people around her. Even her doctor, Hank Duarte, who pulls out all the stops to reach out to her, has to beg her to take her medication.

All seems to go well with the story line and when things start picking up pace - what with her ice starting to melt and having kissed the good doctor - until Hank brings her a local daily newspaper announcing the SA Truth and Reconciliation Commission that is to commence the following week.

She is flooded with memories of stories she investigated and filed for her news agency. One of the stories of her fixation is that of a Jason Irving, a young American who died at the hands of South African mobs. Off she goes to revisit South Africa she last saw shortly after the 1994 elections.

It is here that the story unfolds.