HIV-Aids pageant picks ambassadors

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

The long running Mr/Miss Premier Food Food HIV-Aids Awareness pageant has new ambassadors.

They are Phumlo Thwala and Sam Manganye.

Thwala walked away with the Miss Premier Food HIV-Aids Awareness crown, while Manganye was crowned Mr Premier Food HIV-Aids Awareness for 2007.

The contest was held at the YMCA hall in Orlando East, Soweto, on Saturday and was well attended.

Wally Mavuso, the coordinator, said the awareness campaign has played an important role in helping Aids sufferers in the Soweto since it it was launched nine years ago.

"We really appreciate that we have been able to buy parcels for needy children and families that are ravaged by HIV and Aids in the townships," Mavuso said.

"These are people, who are really in need, and whatever money we raise goes towards serving this purpose."

Mavuso also co-ordinates another pageant - the Mr/Miss Premier Food Crime Prevention Pageant.

"This one will take place in April next year," he said.

"But from January we will be helping families and children infected and affected by HIV and Aids, leading us to the next pageant in April."