SMSes to Nonqaba shown

NOT PLEASED: Nonqaba Mosunkutu. Pic. Clement Lekanyane. 21/06/04. © Sowetan.
NOT PLEASED: Nonqaba Mosunkutu. Pic. Clement Lekanyane. 21/06/04. © Sowetan.

Simon Nare

Simon Nare

Nonqaba Mosunkutu said yesterday she was happy that the sexual harassment case she brought against former boss and Gauteng social development MEC Bob Mabaso was over.

But she was angry and appalled that despite overwhelming evidence, the ANC had cleared Mabaso.

And for the first time Sowetan publishes transcripts of SMSes submitted to both the National Prosecuting Authority and the ANC disciplinary committee by Mosunkutu as evidence.

"I love you with all my heart," one message read.

Mabaso was this week cleared of allegations of sexual harassment by the ANC disciplinary committee.

The allegations were levelled against Mabaso by environmental MEC Khabisi Mosunkutu, his best friend for years.

The NPA earlier this year declined to prosecute Mabaso, citing lack of evidence.

The ANC also said it found the allegations to be baseless.

But the transcript, which is in possession of Sowetan, details how Mabaso declared his "love" for his friend. The messages are said to have formed part of Premier Mbhazima Shilowa's investigation into the matter.

It was because of that investigation that Mabaso was forced to step down as MEC and become an ordinary MPL.

Some of the messages in the transcript read: "Ke ho rata ka pelo yaka kaofela, mara o tlose message ena. Ke ho rata ha million, million, million, million. Bye Bye. - I love you with all my heart, but you should erase this message. I love you a million, million, million times. Bye Bye.

"Ha o tsebe hore ho bohloko jwang ho o founela o sa arabe, bye bye for now." - You don't know how painful it is to call you and you don't answer, bye bye for now.

"Hallo mme wena o nketsang ele hoseng so? Why o sabula founo? Mara I was just checking, Please have a good day." - Hallo dear what are you doing to me so early in the morning? Why didn't you switch on your phone? But I was just checking. Please have a good day.

"Hallo mme, Bob Mabaso, I have just been discharged from hospital. I just wanted to express my gratitude. Not enough words. Thank you very much, bye bye."

Mosunkutu said yesterday: "I told them the truth and I gave them everything. I am happy that the findings were announced during the 16 Days Of Activism Against Women and Child Abuse.

"I still have to see a man accused of sexual harassment or attempted rape being found guilty.

"Does that mean that all the women who press charges against these men are lying?" she asked.

Mosunkutu said though she didn't want Mabaso to apologise, she believes his conscience will haunt him for the rest of his life.

"Mabaso knows what he did. I just want him to tell the public the truth," she said.

"He must not pretend that he did nothing. His conscience will never exonerate him."

She said she was grateful that the ANC had investigated her complaint and praised her husband, who she said had been supportive "from day one".

"My husband is one of those rare men who support campaigns against the abuse of women and children."

She said she was writing a book on a profile of a sexual harasser.

ANC Gauteng spokesman Nkeke Kekana declined to comment.