Important meeting for karateka

Linda Moreotsene

Linda Moreotsene

The Shin-Kyokushinkin Karate Organisation of South Africa, led by Isaac "African Tiger" Mashinini, will hold a meeting tomorrow at the Claremont Community Hall in Cape Town.

The meeting will be attended by all the provincial representatives, and will be a a black belt grading ceremony at 11am. Mashinini said delegates will discuss next year's programme, and the visit to the country by members of the World Karate Organisation (WKO).

"The deputy president of the association, Isao Kobayashi, chairperson of the international referees' panel, Shihan Yasuhari Fujihara and WKO general manager Shihan Yasukazu Koi will be here in June next year.

"While they are here, they will attend some of our tournaments, train karetekas and conduct grading ceremonies," said Mashinini.

He said the meeting will also address the country's participation in the 2009 World Cup in St Petersburg, Russia.

"There is also the tenth world karate open tournament taking place in 2011 in Japan. Attending these international tournaments keeps us abreast of international trends."

The meeting starts at 8am.