Axe murderer hangs himself after heinous deed

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

A Limpopo man went berserk yesterday and brutally hacked his wife and his two-year-old son to death with an axe before taking his own life.

The suspect's first-born child woke up to the horrible sight of his father's body dangling from the rafters while the bodies of his mother and younger brother were floating in a pool of blood in the house.

The suspect was identified as Ndiafhi Lucas Khorommbi, 32, of Tshisimani village in Venda.

The victims were identified as Unice, 28, and their son, William.

Tshamutumbu police spokes-man Peggy Ramavhunga said: "Police found a four-page letter that the suspect wrote, explaining why he killed his family.

"In the letter, he accused his wife of cheating on him with another local family man.

"He also accused his wife of conniving with her mother to kill him so that they could gain his assets. He further accused her of taking his hard-earned money and giving it to her mother."

It is further alleged that the suspect started running amok on Saturday morning in the house, saying his wife and her mother were baying for his blood.

"He later allegedly went to the shops in town and bought a rope and an axe, after which he attempted to hang himself.

"His mother, who was in the house, managed to grab the rope and the axe and hid them."

Police said it was not clear where he got the other rope and axe which he used to commit the crimes. Ramavhunga said his wife allegedly received three blows to the head, while the son was hacked twice below his left ear.

Limpopo police spokesman Mohale Ramatseba said police were investigating two cases of murder, and that an inquest docket will be opened.