No use in delaying registration

Dear Mahdu

Simply put, no. There is no real benefit - not these days anyway. Back in the days, the model year of a car was critical and buyers would often buy early in the new year or try and have their purchases registration delayed until the new calendar year.

The reason was the system by which depreciation and used car sales were calculated.

However, dealers are not allowed to do this any more and if a salesman offers you this option, report him because it is not exactly legal.

Remember that when you buy a car you are not investing in an interest-bearing finance product. It will not earn you more money unless you happen to have lucked upon a classic in your family's backyard and it turns out to be worth millions. The bottom line is that you buy a car to drive it and get the maximum benefit out of it.

Simply delaying your purchase to get it registered for the new year has no benefit. What does impact is the overall condition of your car, the mileage, wear and tear, accident history and so on. Rather worry about what comforts your car has to offer you, from aircon, CD player and leather seats to electric windows.