ANC must take stock of itself

I have watched the developments in the ANC nominations process with great intrigue. Snubbing Thabo Mbeki has raised serious questions about an organisation that has until now been viewed as the epitome of progressive political and economic astuteness.

How does a progressive organisation not see that Mbeki's economic policies are necessary to sustain a robust economy that will eventually pull the poor majority out of poverty? How does it not see that exchanging an economic brain for a populist one will wane business and investment confidence?

A populist has ruined Zimbabwe. How does the ANC not understand that to avoid a disruption of Mbeki's economic legacy, he has to remain at the helm?

A change in the economic policies of Mbeki's highly successful government will cripple the economy and send the majority of black people further into abject poverty as elsewhere in Africa. Mbeki has shown an unwavering commitment to root out corruption in its own ranks.

How can the ANC believe Zuma, that successful economic policies need an overhaul to cater for the poor, and fail to understand that a robust economy is the only sustainable way of ensuring a better life for the poor?

Themba Nkala, Johannesburg