Proud to be South African

I'm a proud South African!

Not only proud after our rugby team won the World Cup.

I'm also proud about the other sporting codes in Mzansi and obviously football is one of them.

Last weekend we demonstrated to the world our organisational ability when we held a successful 2010 World Cup preliminary draw in Durban.

To say Fifa bigwigs, including their president Sepp Blatter, were thrilled and encouraged in a way we organised the draw would be like taking the word thrill to an unprecedented level.

Even the dignitaries and other national and international ex-players were happy with the way we held the draw.

Once again I was overjoyed not only by the gripping display of football that was displayed in the final of the lucrative Telkom Knockout by eventual winners Kaizer Chiefs and opposition Mamelodi Sundowns at Loftus Stadium in Pretoria on Saturday night, but also about the impressive turnout.

This was a good advert for South African football and for those who doubt our passion for the game of billions should think again.

Chiefs and Sundowns loyalists should be commended for their good behaviour on the night.

They mingled among themselves before, during and after the match demonstrating good sportsmanship despite who won the match.

This is a call to other teams to encourage their supporters not only to attend matches in numbers but to appreciate each other.

I don't have any doubt in my mind that the "Doubting Thomases" who watched the final were highly impressed by many factors.

Did I hear them now complaining about crime in South Africa?

Mzansi is not the only country that has been hit by crime.

Crime is all over the world and the countries that successfully hosted the World Cup before also experienced crime, so why all the fuss about South Africa?

We have made our detractors, who don't even have the slightest clue about Mzansi, eat humble pie and we will continue to do so.

Viva Mzansi!