SABC cannot be trusted to report fairly on indaba

It is interesting that the exclusive rights to broadcast the ANC conference in Polokwane was awarded to the SABC.

The SABC has been questioned several times and also exposed for subjective reporting in certain areas, especially in relation to the ANC. So it is difficult to believe that the SABC will simply share its original footage with other broadcasters.

Giving the SABC exclusive rights means that all other broadcasters who are interested in the conference are at the corporation's mercy. As expected, both the ANC and the SABC will give the assurance that the broadcaster will provide the feed unedited. But with its history and relationship with the ANC, can the SABC be trusted?

There should be reporters from various broadcasters reporting on the conference. That should not be difficult, and surely the ANC will want the public to have an objective view of the conference proceedings. The lame excuse that there is not enough space in the hall to cater for more broadcasters does not wash.

The conference has attracted a lot of interest locally and internationally and to rely on the public broadcaster for objective coverage might send out the wrong message.

The ANC knows that its reputation is at stake. To allay suspicions and for fair and objective coverage, no broadcaster must be barred from the ANC conference.

Goodhope Nxumalo, Johannesburg