Luthuli, Langa in war of words

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

The war between maskandi artists Bhekumuzi Luthuli and Thokozani Langa is getting ugly.

This time, the war has been joined by maskandi fans who booed Langa on Sunday while he was performing at Jabulani Amphitheatre in Soweto. When Langa got on stage, before Luthuli performed, he was positively received by thousands of fans - until he started performing his controversial song Phuma Kimi.

At this stage, all hell broke loose when everybody stopped dancing and booed him off stage. A determined Langa, however, wore a brave face as if nothing was happening and soldiered on.

The equally determined crowd humiliated the musician further by throwing up their hands shouting: "Phuma la, uqala impi lo futhi uzenza uBhekumuzi. (get away, you are starting a war and you are imitating Bhekumuzi)."

The crowd started calling for Luthuli, who was just arriving, to come on stage. Luthuli said he was coming. Missiles flew on stage as the infuriated crowd got incensed as Langa continued to perform the song that disses Luthuli, their idol.

In the song Phuma Kimi, Langa, who said earlier this year that Luthuli was his idol, tells the singer to get off his back. Early this year, they had a heated exchange on Ukhozi FM where Luthuli accused Langa of imitating him.

When Sowetan contacted Luthuli then, he said though he was Langa's role model "he has gone too far by imitating my sound". Langa responded: "I have been watching Luthuli humiliate me for years, not saying anything.

"It's time for me to act now. I think he asked for this. He has been calling me names and saying I am ugly."