Killer shows court how

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

The family of murdered Soweto lawyer Isaac Ramotsela watched in horror as his killer demonstrated in court how, at close range, he held an R-5 rifle, aimed and fired two shots that killed him.

After this demonstration, Nkosinathi Zungu, 32, told the Johannesburg high court that he fired two shots at Ramotsela to ensure that if the first one missed, the second one did not, as he was not a trained shooter.

Zungu is on trial for the murder of Ramotsela and the attempted murder of Fundi Ganda, the mother of his two children. Ganda and Ramotsela became lovers after she dumped Zungu. He claims to have shot the couple because their relationship upset him and was affecting his children as Ganda had neglected them.

During cross examination, state prosecutor Arveena Persad asked Zungu to demonstrate how he had shot the couple, much to the horror of the Ramotsela family seated at one side of the courtroom, Zungu left the witness stand and showed the court how he held his gun and fired at the couple.

Zungu was allegedly assisted by his co-accused and friend, Tshepo Sonai ,36, who he says drove the getaway car and advised him to shoot the couple so they could be paralysed and end the relationship.

However, Sonai denies being Zungu's friend and says he was forced at gunpoint by Zungu, to drive the car.

Lucas Aphane, a former security personnel who sold Zungu the R-5 rifle and ammunition for R2500 last year, testified that the accused originally wanted ammunition for an AK-47.