'He also killed our daughter'

Canaan Mdletshe

The man who confessed to killing his 24-year-old pregnant girlfriend at Qakwini in northern Zululand now stands accused of also being responsible for the disappearance of his previous girlfriend.

Siyabonga Ngubane is currently in police custody in Mtubatuba for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, Ntomb'futhi Myeza, who was six-months pregnant.

Myeza's family said Ngubane phoned her from Gauteng, where she was working, and asked her to travel to Mtubatuba where they would discuss ilobolo. Myeza was found dead and buried in a shallow grave, just 500 metres away from his home.

Ngubane confirmed to the police to have stabbed her and stuffed her body into a plastic bag, loaded her in a wheelbarrow and buried her in a seated position hours before he was to meet with another girlfriend.

Yesterday, another family came out saying that their daughter, Cabangile Gumede, disappeared after he (Ngubane) had allegedly invited her over to discuss ilobolo with her.

Gumede's relatives said she disappeared mysteriously after getting an invitation from Ngubane in 2004.

Gumede's aunt, Marie Gumede, said she last spoke to her niece when she informed her that she was going to visit Ngubane as he wanted to pay ilobolo for her.

At the time, she was working in Durban when he phoned her and asked her to come to his home, and that was the last time we heard from her," said Marie.

She said when she took longer than expected to return, they went to Ngubane and demanded to know her whereabouts. He told them he accompanied her to the taxi rank where she boarded a taxi to Durban.

"But it was all lies as no one had seen her taking a taxi. And we need to know where she is. He must show us where he buried her . we know she is dead wherever she is but all we want is her remains.

"At the time, it never crossed our minds that he might have done something to her, but now that he has done such a horrible thing to this girl, we believe he murdered her as well," said Marie.

Ngubane will appear in the Mtubatuba magistrate's court today. Police said Ngubane's girlfriend, who is also in custody, will be charged as soon as there's evidence linking her to Myeza's murder.

Police spokesman Captain Jabulani Mdle-tshe confirmed that a missing person's docket has been opened for Gumede and that at this stage they are not linking her disappearance to Ngubane.