Warm conversation with Uys

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Many of us who love stage-plays are familiar with the satire and comedic charms of Pieter Dirk Uys.

Now that he is on television with a new show, he has understandably attracted interest from those who love his comedic skills.

Uys has over the years provided South Africa with an ideal way of laughing at themselves.

In Dinner with the President, the latest TV talkshow where he plays Evita Bezuidenhout alongside his long-lost grandson Loyiso Mokoeleli, played by comedian Loyiso Gola, he engages current issues in a humorous yet enlightening manner by inviting controversial public figures.

His interaction with Gola ensures that the comedy element softens the hard-hitting talks he engages his guests in while flirting with the idea of having the president come over for dinner.

In the show, Loyiso is thinking of developing some material based on gender dynamics. Evita thinks the material is not funny and not even politically correct.

Loyiso has had a difficult childhood and his grandmother is trying to establish what his family and sexual values are.

Evita reckons that it is crucial to help Loyiso develop good social relations and be sensitive about issues of gender diversity.

In tonight's episode, the two guests, eloquent Justice Albie Sachs and Kuli Roberts come over for dinner to assist Loyiso and Evita unpack gender issues.

The two guests, known to be very vocal about diversity and issues around gender equality, help set both Loyiso and his Gogo's mind at rest.

Catch Dinner with the President on SABC2 at 9.30pm, and believe you me, you are likely to laugh your lungs out.