Hospital defies council ruling

Langelihle Chagwe

Langelihle Chagwe

Johannesburg General Hospital has defied the ruling of the Public Health and Welfare Sectoral Bargaining Council to re- instate a 40-year-old woman who was unfairly dismissed.

The bargaining council ruled that Hleziphi Jiyane should be reinstated before June 15, but the hospital refused.

The council took a decision on May 15.

Jiyane was working as a general worker at Johannesburg Hospital's human nutrition department.

Jiyane said her problems started when she was arrested for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm in 2003. She was jailed and released in September 2005.

She went to her line manager, Sagie Pillay, immediately after her release. She said she told Pillay that she had been in jail. Jiyane said her relatives had also reported the matter of her arrest to the hospital while she was in jail.

"Pillay said I should come with my papers from the prison stating that I was in jail. I gave Pillay the papers but he dismissed me. The case did not happen at work. Pillay said I was dismissed while I was still in jail," said Jiyane.

Health spokesman Zanele Mngadi said Jiyane was dismissed when she was imprisoned. She appealed after her release two years later.

"The appeal was heard by the Gauteng health department and was dismissed," said Mngadi.

Mngadi said the health department would seek a labour court ruling.