'Caring dad shot to paralyse, not kill'

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

He cares so much for his children that he once spent R11000 on his four-year-old daughter's birthday party. To ensure that they are never left unattended, he shot their mother in the legs so she could be paralysed and never have to leave the house.

Nkosinathi Zungu, 32, is on trial at the Johannesburg High Court for shooting the mother of his children Fundi Ganda, 27, and murdering her lover, Soweto lawyer Isaac Ramatsela early this year. Zungu and Ganda have two children aged seven and five.

Testifying in court yesterday, Zungu claimed to have done it for his children and because he was hurt to learn that she had a lover.

"Before I found out she was seeing Isaac, she would disappear and not sleep at her home. Whenever I visited the children, they would ask me where their mother was. I found out about the relationship from her nephew who was also sick of seeing the children suffer," he said.

Zungu said the last straw was when he threw a birthday party for their son early this year which Ganda did not attend.

"She did not even know about the party because she was nowhere to be found when it was being planned. She knew that every time one of our kids celebrated their birthday, I threw a party. That hurt," he said.

He said he sought advice from his friend Tshepo Sonai, 36 - who is now his co-accused - about his problem. He decided to shoot the couple in the legs so they could be paralysed and end their relationship. On the day of the incident in Diepkloof Zungu fired fired two shots at each.

Ramatsela died while Ganda was crippled.

The trial continues.