African women stretched to limit

African society has a long- standing practice of giving every person space to grow and fulfil their destiny, regardless of gender.

The feminist movement missed the challenges facing African women. Male chauvinism, the primary stumbling block to female emancipation, is a weak hypothesis for African social design.

African society neither perceives women as inferior nor superhuman beings. But now, they are expected to excel at work and also be caring mothers, loving wives and great home executives. The cause of declining African working class women's development is due to inadequate support structures, which are magnified when they try to form worker institutions. There is limited funding and information. Sexual harassment and unfair work practice drains women.

Raising the African girl child comes with developing special characteristics. It is a pity that the characteristics are not used to benefit workplace leadership. The challenge is, women assimilate the environment by acting like men instead of maximising their strength. Success is to focus on the task, not egos. In trying to prove their worth, the pull-her-down syndrome comes to the fore.

In general, women are good planners, initiators and manage relationships well.

Sbusiso Xaba, Hillbrow