Giving generously back to the country

Michele Botha

Michele Botha

Anglo Platinum is more than just one of South Africa's largest mining companies. Established in 1946 and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1977, the company has contributed considerably to the development and prosperity of South Africa and its people.

As the world's largest platinum producer, it pays millions of rands in taxes, which help to provide funds to administer the country and provide services.

The company is also a major employer. Last year, it employed about 43000 people directly, another 3600 contracting staff and created 8000 new jobs. The total payroll and benefits paid was R6,4 billion.

It supports businesses owned by historically disadvantaged South Africans (HDSA) and, in particular, helps businesses and entrepreneurs in communities adjacent to its operations. In 2006, services and products worth R4,8billion were bought from HDSA vendors. In the same year, R288million was spent at companies within a 50km radius of its operations.

Anglo Platinum provides advice, assistance and financial resources to the three spheres of government - central, provincial and local - and to communities and individuals in those communities.

Its managers serve on committees that help government departments plan for the future in research, development and skills training.

It helps provincial governments and municipalities to develop and expand capacity and contributes to infrastructure projects at local and provincial level.

Anglo Platinum has spent hundreds of millions of rands on community upliftment projects in education, health and skills development.

It helps community members with literacy, skills and job training, and gives bursaries to deserving youngsters for school, technical and university education.

Some facts on Anglo Platinum in 2006:

l The group spent R54,2 million on socio-economic development projects;

l It paid R1360 million in taxes;

l It provided HIV-Aids counselling for 50000 employees and contractors;

l It provided infrastructure support for more than 105 schools;

l It provided water and sanitation to more than 50 schools;

l More than 85 villages and institutions have benefited from its water infrastructure;

l More than 3000 pupils benefit every year from its mobile science centre;

l Every year about 2000 pupils benefit from maths and science tuition;

l The company provides clinics at each operation, plus four mobile clinics.

The group's corporate leadership on HIV-Aids was acknowledged with the Khomanani Excellence Award for Best Corporate HIV and Aids programme during 2005.

It also sponsors the Sunflower Housing Company, formed to develop and manage social housing units in areas where Anglo Platinum has mining operations.

About 2000 social housing units are planned in Limpopo, with another 1000 houses to be built for employees of the Union and Amandelbult operations.

Partnerships with provincial and local governments led to Anglo Platinum receiving the Ministerial Housing Award in 2006.

This year it was awarded the Nedbank Capital Green Mining Award in recognition of mining companies that have made a significant effort in promoting environmental sustainability.