jilted lover 'wanted couple paralysed'

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

A 27-year-old woman burst into tears when she heard how the father of her two children shot at her and her boyfriend with an R5 rifle because he wanted her paralysed.

This was heard at the Johannesburg high court yesterday where Nkosinathi Zungu, 32, the ex-boyfriend of Fundi Ganda, is on trial for the murder of Soweto lawyer Isaac Ramatsela and the attempted murder of Ganda.

Ramatsela and Ganda were lovers, which Zungu claims upset him and hurt his feelings, leading him to shoot them.

Zungu allegedly committed the crime with co-accused Tshepo Sonai, whom he says advised him to shoot the couple and was driving the getaway car on the day of the shooting.

Fighting back tears, Ganda told the court that she and Ramatsela had just returned to his home in Diepkloof, Soweto when they were attacked.

"I was opening the garage door and Ramatsela was waiting to drive in when Zungu appeared with a gun and shot him. He kept saying "I've got you" while shooting," she said.

She said she heard Ramatsela scream and Zungu firing at him. She tried to run into the house but Zungu shot her in the back.

"I fell and he came and stood over me, looked at me and walked away," said the tearful woman.

In a statement given to the court, Zungu admitted to shooting the couple but said he did not mean to kill them. He said he wanted them paralysed so they would stop seeing each other.

When the statement was read out to Ganda, she burst into tears, especially when it got to the part where Zungu asked for forgiveness and said he did not mean to kill Ramatsela.

Ganda replied: "Why didn't you just kill me instead, why did you have to kill him?

"Look at what you've done to me, my life is destroyed, I can't even walk properly."

Ganda's left leg was crippled as a result of the shooting.

The trial continues.