Cops torment suspects

AWARE: Mpumalanga police spokesman Superintendent Abbie Khoabane. Pic. Andrew Hlongwane. © Sowetan.
AWARE: Mpumalanga police spokesman Superintendent Abbie Khoabane. Pic. Andrew Hlongwane. © Sowetan.

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

A man was tortured to death and two others severely traumatised after Metro police allegedly poured acid on them and subjected them to electric shocks.

The incident occurred at Sundra in the Delmas area of Mpumalanga on Friday.

The three Metro police officers tortured the men who they suspected of stealing copper cables.

One of the men, identified only as Vusi, died because of the torture by the officers, who are said to have been operating outside their municipal boundaries.

Ekurhuleni Metro police confirmed the incident, saying some of their officers from the eastern region had visited the area on Friday evening.

Ekurhuleni's chief of operations, Superintendent Wilfred Gatago, said information from the torture victims indicated that the officers were using two vehicles, clearly marked Ekurhuleni Metro police.

He said information reaching his office indicated that the victims were picked up from Selcourt in the Springs area and taken to Sundra in the Delmas area.

He could not divulge further details as the matter was still under investigation.

He, however, stressed that "we are hot on their heels and once the allegations are found to be true, necessary steps will be taken".

Mpumalanga provincial police spokesman Superintendent Abbie Khoabane said the police allegedly suspected the three men of being copper cable thieves.

He said the alleged torture took place at a house in First Avenue in Sundra.

Khoabane said police arrested a man identified only as Vusi in the smallholding area in Sundra.

They then took him to First Avenue where they found the other two suspects.

He said police interrogated the men and when they did not get what they were looking for, they allegedly poured poured acid on them.

"They were also said to have subjected the men to electric shocks before leaving them," said Khoabane.

The victim's employer, Edward Saal, reported the matter to police.

Delmas police are investigating murder and assault charges against the officers.