Painful practice to please men

We learnt many secrets in the last of our sex lessons at the house that has everything going for it except a knight in shining armour.

We learnt many secrets in the last of our sex lessons at the house that has everything going for it except a knight in shining armour.

But judging by the discipline under the damsels' belts, it is just a matter of time before they get hitched.

Some of the advice is unprintable. But one that might invoke a thought is the controversial labia-pulling tradition.

The Mozambican women believe that men only experience half the sensation when having intercourse with women with small, natural labia.

"Shortly before a young woman reaches puberty, she is taught to elongate her labia," says Sinyora.

"You have to do this non-stop for two weeks and this is good because it grips the penis and makes the madam tighter."

She goes on to say that in countries like Uganda and Zambia "unprepared" women don't succeed in holy matrimony.

"If a guy you marry discovers that your labia is like a baby's, he will send you back to your parents and will not take you back until you have been elongated.

"A woman from my village called Talita was told by her husband Vincent that she shouldn't bother coming back because he figured it was too late for her to prepare herself so long after puberty," Sinyora says.

An eerily quiet Rosalina, who joins in the laughter only after English is translated into Portuguese, says she read somewhere that the practice has taken European women by storm.

I have searched everywhere, but can't verify her claim.

A reader from Canada writes: "I just read your two articles on the Mozambique women. They have nothing new to say or to teach.

"Everybody knows you do not just lie there. How else would you move your hips except to gyrate. Bayadakwa (they are drunk). If I'm going to have sex I am going to enjoy it, otherwise it's a waste of my time.

"Men, especially SA men, have been ignoring women's orgasms for generations and these women are setting us back, encouraging them to think only about their own climax. These women are just there to make a killing."

Another reader writes: "If these women derived pleasure from the lessons they give, I would gladly pay them my hard-earned cash.

"The problem I have with their teachings is that the whole mission is dedicated to pleasuring men who are guaranteed to orgasm anyway.

"How stupid would you be to spend money on stroking a man's ego when you don't even know what triggers your own orgasm?

"Yes, I don't doubt for a second that some of these women struggle to orgasm and I'm sure some of these so called hands-on sexologists are yet to learn and enjoy female orgasms.

"We should rather dedicate more time and energy to teaching women about giving themselves sexual pleasures, before teaching them to share it with their men," the reader writes.

But if Rosalina's claims hold water, it can only mean one thing. Women are willing to do anything to please their men. So, where does this leave women empowerment?

"First of all, if these empowered spinsters are where they claim to be, they would not be making any money," says Prince Dalindyebo Faku of the Ndamase clan.

"It goes to show that at the end of the day, and at the core of each man and woman's existence, lie biblical and traditional beings who know only one thing - a woman remains her man's bone and no country or empowerment can wipe out this fundamental structure," Faku says.

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