No light decision

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

Boxing experts are divided on the likely outcome of the shootout between Osborne "Big Daddy" Machimana and Corrie "The Sniper" Sanders.

Golden Gloves Promotions (GGP) boss Rodney Berman, who will stage the clash at Emperors Palace in February next year, says he would not have even thought of doing it if it was not such an alluring match.

"Don't let anyone tell you that it's a mismatch. Machimana has improved beyond all recognition since teaming up with Nick Durandt and I for one think that this contest will be won and lost in the trenches, where courage and commitment count," Berman said.

Several observers initially wrote off the chances of Machimana, but more than a few feel that the powerfully built fighter from Limpopo could brush Sanders aside.

Publisher Jeff Ellis warned that it would be foolhardy to say Machimana has no chance.

"In fact, Machimana may very well rise to the occasion and post the upset.

"Don't forget that Machimana has often sparred with Sanders in the past and as such knows exactly what to expect from the aging former world champion."

Former South African heavyweight champion Mike Schutte believes that the Harold Volbrecht-trained Sanders will need to finish it within six rounds while GGP matchmaker Ruben Rasodi says it will go either way.

Veteran trainer Norman Hlabane said a perfectly conditioned Sanders will knock Machimana out.

"But if Sanders enters the ring like he did earlier this year, he's a goner," he warned.