Department pays dearly

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

The Johannesburg labour court yesterday ordered the Education Department to pay more than three-quarters of a million rands compensation to an employee for unfair labour practice.

The department has been ordered to pay the University of Pretoria's Koos Madutlela the amount due to him for acting as Head: Campus Finance for more than three years without being paid an acting allowance. He was appointed acting head after the person who held the position left the university.

When he complained to his principals that he was not being paid according to the position's scale, the university refused arguing that he was appointed unprocedurally.

After trying in vain to be paid the increase, Madutlela then took the matter to the CCMA alleging unfair labour practice, but lost.

Yesterday the labour court ruled in favour of Madutlela and ordered the Education Department to pay him R264816 a year, backdated to 2005, bringing the total to more than R793000, as well as his legal costs.