Words haunt Mtshali

Eric Naki

Eric Naki

KwaZulu-Natal's legislature leader of the opposition, Lionel Mtshali, might be investigated for bringing the legislature into disrepute after he accused Premier S'busiso Ndebele of using his position to build himself a business empire.

"I will ask the Speaker, Willies Mchunu, to investigate possible breach of the code which may include, but is not limited to, bringing the legislature into disrepute, acting dishonestly and using his position not to further public interest, but for personal fame," said Cyril Xaba, legislature chief whip yesterday.

Xaba said Mtshali's personal attack against Ndebele, who is also a member of the house, might have negative consequences for the integrity and decorum of the house at large.

Xaba's comment comes in the wake of an "apology and a retraction" by Lionel Mtshali who had accused the premier of using his office to amass wealth for himself.

Mtshali has since withdrawn his statement and tendered an apology to Ndebele. But the legislature will pursue the probe of misconduct against Mtshali for "issuing statements that were not based on facts to bring the entire institution into dishonour and disrepute".

"The code of conduct of the members of the legislature exhorts all of us to exercise our duties with dignity and integrity appropriate to our respective offices.

"I see nothing in Dr Mtshali's conduct . that be considered honest, while incalculable damage to the House and the premier has been caused," said Xaba.