Sadeco vows to be feisty party

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

The newly-formed South African Democratic Congress (Sadeco) has vowed to be the "kingmaker" in KwaZulu-Natal and to contest and win the 2009 national elections.

This was revealed by interim president Ziba Jiyane in Durban on Saturday during the official launch of the party. Sadeco was established in September as a result of the controversial floor-crossing legislation.

Sadeco already holds the balance of power in five municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal.

Jiyane said the party would be kingmaker in KwaZulu-Natal as it would decide which party between the ruling ANC and the IFP would govern the province.

"We want to become an even bigger force in local politics. We will contest elections as a party that will hold the balance of power in the province. During the next general elections, we want to win and rule this province," he said.

He said his party stood for the restoration of family values, honesty and morality. Jiyane said they aimed to bring back ubuntu and the fear of God.

"There are a lot of negative things happening in our country because people have lost respect for God and their religious beliefs.

"Ours is to revive that, to encourage people to return to the basics as human beings, as God-fearing people," he said.

Jiyane, who established Nadeco soon after defecting from the IFP, said his new party planned to tackle many of the socio-economic problems facing the country with determination. He said these problems could only be addressed effectively by a government that had a solution to moral decay and degeneration.

"A government that is neutral, indifferent or against a kind of morality that should promote our laws and constitution, cannot even begin to combat the many social ills threatening our democracy today," he said.

Jiyane said most problems such as HIV-Aids, rampant crime, poor productivity, crushing poverty, increasing economic inequality, lack of discipline, lack of responsibility and a non-existent work ethic, rape, teenage pregnancy and juvenile delinquency were all symptoms of a non-caring government and society.

He also announced that Sadeco's inaugural conference would be held in the first week of December at eMpangeni, where most of its support is based.