How to get pupils placed in schools next year

19 November 2007 - 02:00
By unknown

I have had several phone calls from concerned parents about school admissions for 2008.

Parents should have made applications to two or three schools in their area by the end of September. The schools should have given them letters saying what number on waiting list A (in area) or B (out of area) a child had been given, with reasons for refusal of the application.

If parents haven't applied, they should try again by November 30, and get the required letter. Any later, and it will be problematic for 2008.

What options are open to parents who were refused admission to the school of their choice?

Ask the school to keep the name on the waiting list in case of late vacancies or vacancies in terms of two or three next year.

Take the refusal letter to the nearest GDE district office. The address and contact details can be obtained from the school. Ask for the official dealing with admissions and/or the institutional development support officer.

Take proof of residence, copies of reports, work or residence permits where necessary, and health certificates in case they are required.

What happens if no place can be found for a child? The department is obliged to find a place, even if classes are large or the area is not of your choice. More parents have been opting for private schools, if they can afford it.

David Quail

DA spokesman on education in Gauteng