Simple steps to success

Information about modern technology can be found in business, marketing and industry-related publications:

l Be aware of your surroundings. Study television commercials, print advertisements, news announcements and current events to trigger creative, innovative ideas and solutions to problems in your industry;

l Human capital is an important part of business. Pay serious attention to it. Hire energetic people who share your interests and care about the growth of your business. Constantly motivate them to do well and reward excellence. Always invite suggestions and opinion from staff and act quickly on the information. Staff need to know that their input is valued.

Have a plan of action to reach your goal. Have regular employee brainstorming sessions, attend trade shows, participate in online seminars, provide customer-appreciation events and give presentations to targeted audiences;

l Always remain proactive and aggressive to beat competitors. Even if you feel your business has reached a point of success, do not relax;

l It is easy to reach a certain point of success and become complacent. Do not do that. It is during your complacency when competitors see an opportunity and move quickly to steal existing and potential customers. Take steps to avoid this. Evaluate current strategies and tactics on a regular basis.