Johnnic should play hard to get with new suitors

I met Poppy the other day.

I met Poppy the other day.

She looks her age. The ballerina figure I admired aeons ago has since spilled in every direction.

Her face still shows glimmers of beauty that dimmed into an ugly frown whenever she attempted a smile.

When I tried to win her affection all those many years ago, Poppy, the prom girl of my school days, was as difficult as Naomi Campbell could be these days.

Bitchy, difficult and the IT-girl long before the word was even invented, she had the first-choice of all the boys at school with the right addresses, monied backgrounds and everything going for them.

On the few occasions that she grudgingly accepted my invite, I bled the little money my parents had telegrammed me to buy that book I had always bothered them about.

You know the one? - The Principles of Collaborative Discourse of Dialogue and other Weighty Matters, or PCDDWM. Do not worry, my parents - God bless their souls - couldn't read a single line from a comic book.

So there, this decent, peasant couple sacrificed so much to get me that all-important book, otherwise shortened to PCDDWM.

And there, their hard-earned cash went - to be spent trying to buy the love of a woman who scorned everything to do with people like me, the underclass.

I met her, Poppy, the other day.

She was a pitiful sight.

And you know what we guys do when, years later, we meet girls who had scorned us? We gloat.

And this is contrary-wise. Girls more so.

The story of Poppy I just invented. But as you know, these things sometimes do happen.

What I'm really on about here is a story that has been BIG these past days.

It is the story of a certain media company going by the uncharacteristic name of Koni - the suitors who have shown a keen and lewd interest in the company I work for, Johnnic Communications.

In the scheme of things, I'm a foot-soldier in matters Johnnic, a small cork in an otherwise huge machinery that spews out titles such as Sowetan,Sunday World,Daily Dispatch and others.

In other words, the wheels will keep turning even if this cork is broken.

But if the suitors persist, like I did all those years ago, then I'll advise Johnnic to adopt the Poppy copybook.

That way, the Koni guys will go out of the way to break the bank.