Search for more bodies

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

The sugarcane fields of Shayamoya in KwaZulu-Natal could be hiding more victims of the area's serial killer.

The search team sent there to investigate has now called on workers and the sugarcane farmers to stop burning the fields in case there are more bodies hidden there.

The remains of 11 women have so far been found in the fields. The last of these was found at the weekend.

Umzinto police have now met with the Illovo sugarcane management to discuss a plan that would allow the search to continue before the cane is burned.

Police spokesman Zandra Hechter said the agreement with the farmers was meant to make sure that no remains or any other evidence were destroyed.

Hechter said they had identified the areas to be searched before the harvesting. "Police sniffer dogs will begin the search anytime this week."