Share your personal challenges with children

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

We can talk and debate about a lot of issues related to the expectations, responsibilities and complexities of parenting.

Or topics linked to the art of forging a thriving family unit, or raising the so-called perfect child, and so becoming a model family unit.

We need to start a healthy interaction or exchange between all these issues. So tell us:

l How are you overcoming the challenges of raising children in a multicultural family?

l Which house rules ensure that your Grade R pupil-child derives value from his or her rapidly changing social, academic and cultural development?

l How are you communicating with your teenage children? Are you a disciplinarian or are you abusing your children?

l Is eating out with young or older children easy or difficult for your family?

l Have you encountered obstacles in the spiritual, psychological and-or emotional development of your young or older children?

l Is motherhood or fatherhood a pleasure, obligation or a curse? Challenges and breakthroughs.

l Which of your children's friends, classmates, schoolmates or peers are welcome in your home, and why?

l How different are children who are raised in gay and-or lesbian households?

l Are you providing your children with lasting financial fitness education?

l How and why are your children affecting your marriage and intimacy?

l How are you coping in households with children with mental or physical disabilities or genetic disorders?

l How are you dealing with children suffering from addictions to alcohol, drugs and-or other risky behaviours, habits or hobbies?

l How have you been able to introduce discussions about sex and relationships with your children?

l Are there differences between adoptive parenting and normal, biological parenting?

l Are your actions, or lack of any action, to blame for highly strung, intense, overly sensitive or suicidal children?

l How do you get your teenage children to stay clean and maintain a clean and hygienic environment?

l And, can you share with other Sowetan readers some funny moments, anecdotes or escapades linked to your life and work as a parent or parents?

You can reach us, or write to Sowetan Newspaper, Care of The Parenting Corner, PO Box 6663, Johannesburg, 2000.