Pick 'n Pay gets new logo

Lihle Z Mtshali

Lihle Z Mtshali

After 40 years of a stagnant brand, Pick 'n Pay says its customers have inspired it to keep things moving and has invested R110million for a complete overhaul of its branding and packaging.

But a marketing specialist said he would not have paid more than R5000 for the Pick 'n Pay logo.

The retailer yesterday unveiled its new logo, new colours and brand line, "Inspired by you", all of which will go into rebranding its chain of more than 400 stores over the next two years.

Pick 'n Pay's chairman, Raymond Ackerman, said: "This is to show Pick 'n Pay in a new dress, a new image. It is to make Pick 'n Pay absolutely world class."

Landor, a UK-based brand company, created the new logo with South African advertising agency Young and Rubicam.

Dave Duarte, marketing geek at Huddlemind, a new-media marketing company, said: "I wouldn't pay more than R5000 for this logo; it looks like something that came from a toy shop."