Taking on the big boys

Xolile Bhengu

Xolile Bhengu

David Sylvia loves to play a tough game.

So he deliberately chose to locate his store right next door to his two biggest competitors.

His Wireless-Toys.com store in Fourways Crossing shopping centre opened its doors five months ago, and is located between rivals Incredible Connection and Hi-Fi Corporation.

"You have to take chances in life because if you don't, you will not fulfil your dreams," he said.

Sylvia's specialised gadget shop stocks three of the top global brands in customised solutions, camera's, cellphones, MP3 players, TV's, toys and sound systems, which are updated every two months.

"I mandated that suppliers had to train staff for every listed product we have to ensure the best service. People today want more than just a product.

"They research on the Internet and expect a salesman to be able to explain what it does and even demonstrate it to them.

"Competition is healthy and good for everyone, especially because the consumer wins. Look at Telkom," Sylvia said.