Khoza, premier slam Sowetan

Your article "Khoza slams Premier", in Sowetan of November 8 refers.

Your article "Khoza slams Premier", in Sowetan of November 8 refers.

Irvin Khoza, Premier Sbu Ndebele and all the participants at the KwaZulu-Natal second 2010 indaba are dismayed at the distorted headline. KwaZulu-Natal is the only province to host a second indaba on the World Cup precisely to gear ourselves for readiness.

Khoza's speech sounded a word of caution on what to guard against regarding the state of readiness for 2010, such as littering, punctuality and so on. He at no stage slammed Ndebele.

Khoza spoke about punctuality, courtesy, cleanliness, professionalism, long queues and efficiency in general terms. He said everyone should pull up their socks, simply because the majority at the indaba were public servants whose behaviour and actions should be exemplary.

The distortion is all the more mischievous when compared to page 44 of the same edition which proclaims the opposite - "We are ready" - also attributed to Khoza. It is clear that the report was aimed at creating sensation and doubt about the capacity and the readiness of KwaZulu-Natal.

The LOC through its chairman, Khoza, chief executive Danny Jordaan and the provincial government represented by Ndebele, have been working very closely to prepare for 2010.

Khoza's address was an informative, frank team-talk to motivate all stakeholders to deliver the best event for the world. His speech, which was positive and constructive, was delivered with passion and a friendly spirit. He was relaxed and not "fuming''. Neither did he "slam the premier". While pointing out challenges, he was full of praise for what the province has achieved.

The KwaZulu-Natal government wishes to assure the public that everything is being done to ensure a successful preliminary draw and 2010 World Cup will be delivered by a South Africa - government, business, labour and the media - working together.

The article was written totally out of context.

Premier Sbu Ndebele

and LOC chairman Irvin Khoza