Popular businessman shot dead during second attempt on his life

Pertunia Ratsatsi

Pertunia Ratsatsi

A popular Mpumalanga businessman who was previously shot twice in the neck was shot and killed in Johannesburg yesterday.

Joseph Moselakgomo, 41, was first shot on September 29 a his family house in Lefiso, near Marapyane in Mpumalanga.

In that incident, his wife Maria, 38, was shot in the leg while a younger brother Phineas, 28, died on the scene after he was shot in the forehead.

After the shooting, Joseph had been in a serious condition in hospital and later went into hiding in Johannesburg - where he owned fleet of taxis.

His wife has since recovered from her wounds.

The family members had gathered to discuss the unveiling of a tombstone of their relative. While the family was talking, two gunmen entered the house grabbed Joseph's son by the neck inside the kitchen and ordered him to lead them to his father.

His father was with eight other family members.

Thuso, 16, then led them to the dining room where the family was gathered. They pushed him aside and without a word, opened fire randomly hitting the three in the process.

Other family members in the room managed to escape unharmed after they took cover behind the sofas and under the table.

Family members were still too traumatised to talk about the incident when Sowetan contacted them yesterday.

Police spokesman Captain William Mcera confirmed the incident.

"The deceased arrived at his sister's home in Zachariah Park at about 5am.

"His sister left the house at about 7am to take her children to school, but when she arrived home at about 9am she found her brother lying in a pool of blood."

On October 1 three men were arrested following the family shooting.

The men were arrested after they were found driving a car that was allegedly seen at the house in Mpumalanga on the day of the shooting.