'Medic assaulted me'

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

A Durban worker who was allegedly assaulted by a female doctor claimed that Umhlanga police are ignoring his case.

Lucky Khuzwayo, 38, from Lindelani informal settlement, was allegedly assaulted by American neuro-surgeon Anette Hoffman who accused him of stealing her purse.

Khuzwayo is employed as a maintenance worker at the upmarket Edge of the Sea complex in Umhlanga.

He believes Hoffman assaulted him because he has no defence and is black.

"She slapped me several times. I did not steal her purse. No one in the complex ever accused me of stealing these past seven years," Khuzwayo said.

"She knows that because she is rich, police won't arrest her. She called me all sorts of names, like

"I'm a corrupt kaffir like my government. She boasted that the police won't arrest her because our government is corrupt and only the FBI can sort them out," Khuzwayo said.

Khuzwayo said he had been Hoffman's friend and never thought that she would accuse him of theft.

He said he opened a assault case, but the police had not served Hoffman the papers.

"It's painful because the police would have arrested me if she did not find her purse. I want justice. There are many people in jail for nothing," he said.

Hoffman, 66, denied assaulting Khuzwayo.

"I did not beat him. I only grabbed him by his shirt because I was angry that he lied. And I did not pass any racist comments. I only used a British word kafer, which means come here.

"I know Lucky for many years. He has been good to me. It's impossible that I could slap a strong man like him," Hoffman said.

Manager Ron Ross defended Khuzwayo.

"He has never stolen. The doctor forgot where she put her purse," Ross said.

Police spokesman Inspector Michael Reed said a case of assault is investigated.