Becoming a plumber is no walk in the park

You need some education to become a plumber.

You need some education to become a plumber.

One must be registered with the Institute of Plumbing SA to be recognised as a plumber.

The route towards being qualified is no walk in the park, but it is possible and can pay dividends.

How does one become a qualified plumber?

You must pass a Department of Labour plumbing trade test or at least hold a Construction Education Training Authority (Ceta) certificate in construction plumbing.

For admission as a plumber one must pass at least 46 training modules at a Ceta-accredited institution. In addition, a trainee plumber must work as an apprentice under the supervision of a qualified plumber for a period of 24 months.

It is after the completion of the apprenticeship that one becomes eligible to take a Department of Labour trade test.

The cost of apprenticeship training at a Ceta-accredited institution is about R16000.

Some companies might fund the training of an apprentice and thereafter claim a deduction from the company's tax for skills training.

This is the most convenient option for someone who does not have money to pay for their training.

The plumbing trade test is taken over two days. The candidate is expected to pass five installation tests.

Having passed and complied with every requirement, the candidate is issued a Department of Labour certificate and is henceforth a qualified plumber.