White acting like spoilt brat

Jake White's tantrums and finger-pointing were so unnecessary. White knew a long time ago that he would be stepping down as the Springbok coach.

Now he makes it look as if he was pushed. He is behaving like a spoilt brat. His latest utterances and behaviour are a result of the spotlight he got by winning the World Cup. He is using that to spite Sarfu. Truth be told, White had to go.

Transformation-wise I would say good riddance. I don't want to sound like a spoil-sport. I enjoyed the Springboks' victory while it lasted and now it's back to bread- and-butter issues.

I am surprised that there are black people who compare Bafana Bafana with rugby. If one looks at the history of soccer, whites played soccer in townships during apartheid. Not a single player was harmed. At present no one is stopping white players from playing soccer.

While in rugby, racists who still control rugby have made it a point that black players do not succeed at all. I don't see the Springboks captained by a black person any time soon.

Richardson Mzaidume