Crime fight must start with parents

We mourn the loss of a God- given talent.

We mourn the loss of a God- given talent.

South Africa has again been robbed of a role model.

The death of Lucky Dube has shocked the nation and left millions of South Africans with a lot of unanswered questions.

Dube was not only a musician, but one of South Africa's ambassadors and a world-celebrated musician.

It is very sad that crime is so out of control that it can even rob us of a man of Dube's nature. A gentleman who always had positive messages in his songs, and a community builder in many ways.

Crime has again surged, but millions of South Africans have lost a son and a father.

Surely harsh measures have to be introduced in dealing with these hooligans.

Sadly, most of these criminals are people we know, our uncles and children, but we would rather see them destroying the nation than take action against them.

I personally don't feel fighting crime is the responsiblity of government alone.

It must start with parents. These guys need some serious help mentally. Social workers and motivational speakers like Bonginkosi "Zola" Dlamini should come forward and put some sense into our communities.

Lonwabo Busakwe